D-O-G Grooming Studio Courses Terms & Conditions

There is a cost associated with each of the courses run by the D-O-G Grooming Studio, and all these fees must be paid in full and in accordance with the terms stated. If you wish to partake in one of these courses please read the information provided in full.

A completed registration form and a deposit must be submitted before a reservation on your selected course will be confirmed. All deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances and the balance of the course must be paid 21 days before the commencement of any course.

Should a student wish to cancel their booking within 45 days before the start date of the course, D-O-G Grooming Studio will do all they can to sell that place to another student, failing which all fees will be forfeited and any outstanding balance must be paid immediately.

All courses are made to suit the student and a schedule will be organised along with you when booking a place on a course. Once a booking is made, the course days cannot be changed and failure to attend booked days will result in the loss of those course days.

The proprietors of D-O-G Grooming Studio reserve the right to refuse to accept a student for whom they feel any course is unsuitable. No reason for such a decision may be given. In this case a refund will be given.

To ensure the smooth running of courses students are expected to be punctual and to co-operate with colleagues in a congenial manner at the salon throughout the duration of the course. All courses begin at 10:00am and finish at around 3pm to 4pm each day.

In the unfortunate event of any course having to be cancelled by D-O-G Grooming Studio before it has started, a full refund will be paid to the student. If a course has to be terminated by D-O-G Grooming Studio part way through completion, for whatever reason, participating students will be offered a refund proportionate to the time lost, or alternatively offered the opportunity to continue the course at a time mutually agreed suitable to both parties.

Please note that D-O-G Grooming Studio accepts no responsibility for additional student expenses such as travel, accommodation fees or other related costs that may be incurred.

D-O-G Grooming Studio will ensure all students are fully insured against claims by owners of dogs upon which they have worked during the course. Students are solely responsible for ensuring that they have up to date tetanus vaccinations. D-O-G Grooming Studio will not be held liable for any health issues that may arise as a result of any student not having done so.

If you are a student completing any of the City & Guilds courses you will be expected to attend the full course. The qualification has a minimum learning hours requirement and any missed days will result in the incompletion of the qualification. If a student misses days but wishes to complete the qualification requirements, additional days may be required which may incur additional costs. Students are expected to keep up to date with assignments and complete all paperwork before the end of the course. If a student fails any of the assessments then they will be given one further chance to pass the assessment (excluding the Evolve exam). Further failure to pass the assessments will require the student to cover the costs of any further teaching and assessment to be able to qualify. Completion of the Level 3 Professional Dog Grooming qualification requires students to undergo an external examination, the cost of which is included in the course fees. A fail on this exam will result in an additional charge of £65 to re-take the examination. The external exams held twice a year, in June and November. D-O-G Grooming Studio will organise these events and confirm with each student before enrolling.

Students attending D-O-G Grooming Studio for only the City & Guilds assessments are expected to provide two suitable dogs to groom and have all the appropriate paperwork completed and submitted in a timely manner. Prior to take students, we may require photo evidence of previous grooms and attendance of a number of days to confirm that the required level of knowledge to pass the exams are met. Therefore, the teachers/assessors of D-O-G Grooming Studio will provide an individual, customised plan to complete the qualifications to each candidate.

Where a D-O-G Grooming Studio assessor is needed to attend a student's workplace as part of the qualification process, two appropriate dogs must be provided, a health and safety audit must be carried out (at the student's expense) and all appropriate paperwork must be completed.

Students are required to provide details of any relevant medical conditions, disabilities or allergies. Dog grooming is a physically demanding job and involves standing for long periods and some lifting. If you have any concerns regarding potential health issues please make us aware before booking a place on the course and consult your own G.P.

Please be advised that due to the nature of dog grooming, sensible clothing and footwear should be worn. This includes not wearing contact lenses whilst grooming. The wearing of jewellery whilst grooming is also not advised, and should at the least be kept to a minimum.

By completing a course enquiry form, you confirm your agreement to these terms and conditions and that we may rely on the information provided.

We will not share your details with any other organisation. However, when booking onto one of our courses, we may share your details with our partners (Pet Industry Federation and City & Guilds) in order to fulfill the requirements of qualification process. You have the right to request any information we hold about you. We will provide copy(ies) within 30 days. From time to time, we may contact you in email or over the phone to provide more information about our courses. If you wish to opt out from this service, please let us know.

These Terms & Conditions constitute a contract between D-O-G Grooming Studio and the undersigned.

We hope you enjoy whichever course you have signed up for and good luck!

Terms & Conditions